I help parents of talented kids, teens, and young adults start their careers in the professional performance industry; on stage, on television, in film, in print, in the music industry, and voice over.

I have been obsessed over the course of the past forty years about why the performance industry is such a closed-door industry with no real information available to the average person. The idea of trying to ‘break into’ the business is thwarted by most parents and adults throughout the United States and abroad, honestly due to the lack of available honest and true information.

Of those who are in the business whether just starting or successfully navigating a career, many remain confused and travel blindly. Much of which breeds a sense of fear and subsequent ownership of what knowledge and understanding they have, creating the need to keep information close to the chest.

As a professional entrepreneur and a parent of three children, one of whom dabbled at a young age and the other two who successfully worked in many aspects of the child, teen and now are in the adult professional performance industry working on Broadway, in Film and Television, Commercials and VoiceOver, (Thank you, Claire, at Gilla Roos, NYC and Shirley, Dave, and Laura of Shirley Grant Management for the early years) I have vowed to change that mantra.


Leesa Csolak

Leesa Csolak has forty plus years working with the parents of talented children, teens and young adults. She has trained and managed many students, who as minors, went on to professional work in the arts, performing on Broadway, in Commercial Dance, in Film & on TV, Commercials, Voice Over, the Music Industry, in Print and Modeling. Leesa helps talented children, teens and young adults find professional talent agencies.

She has managed her own children’s successful professional careers on Broadway, Commercial Dance, TV, Film, Commercials, Print, Modeling and Voice Over for the past twenty five years. She was instrumental in giving them opportunities that;

  • ^Expanded their educational network
  • ^Exposed their talent to appropriate performance opportunities and networks
  • ^Landed them interviews and ultimately representation in both NY and LA

She has worked as the casting director on short and feature independent films and commercials, produced music videos for upcoming named artists and participated on numerous creative teams for stage and Broadway projects. She coached and choreographed Madonna and her female dancers for the 2012 MDNA World Tour. She also has directed and choreographed at Lincoln Center, NYC, for the World’s Fair, the Junior Olympic Games, and for national and international touring shows. Leesa has directed music videos for NBC and the Oxygen Network and assistant produced Music Videos and Concerts for Nickelodeon and Sony. She can be seen in the Oxygen docu-series ‘The Next Big Thing’ for NBC as a successful manager of her sons, her students and as an expert consultant and promoter for talented youth.

Csolak has been instrumental in re-evaluating programs for major competitive organizations including National Dance and Talent Competitions. She continues to be a featured speaker at Regional and National events and conventions throughout the United States.


The Seminar

Her all inclusive seminar has gained acclaim among casting directors, agents and managers on both coasts. Csolak’s seminars;

  • ^Offer information no one else will share.
  • ^Teach you how the industry works from the inside out.
  • ^Enables you to answer the questions; Am I ready? Is my child ready?
  • ^Gives you all the tools to execute now and get started today.

She has spring-boarded hundreds of client’s and student’s careers in the performing arts over the past three decades by offering them specific guidelines and a bridge to professional work.

The Book

She has a book pending publication teaching the ins and outs of the industry and offering personal anecdotal stories of her experiences and of parents just like you who began this journey and successfully navigated it with their children. You will laugh and cry with them as they share these intimate stories while learning from their triumphs and their mistakes. Pre-order the book and be one of the first to own a copy.