Leesa Csolak

"I help young adult actors and parents of talented kids, teens and young adults start their careers in the performing industry; on stage, on television, in film in commercial print, in the music industry, in commercial dance, and voice over and more."


Leesa Csolak

Leesa Csolak has over forty years experience working in the performance industry. Over the past thirty-five years she has helped hundreds of clients obtain professional representation and have successful careers in the performing arts.

She managed her own children's successful professional careers who started as minors and now as adults are performing on Broadway, in Commercial Dance, in major feature Film, on Television, in Commercials, Voice Over, and more.

She was instrumental in giving them opportunities that;

  • Expanded their educational network

  • Exposed their talent to appropriate performance

    opportunities and networks

  • Landed them interviews and ultimately representation in both NY and LA

She has experience working as a casting director for short films, independent films, and commercials.

She has also produced music videos for well-known artists and has been part of creative teams for stage and Broadway projects.

She coached and choreographed Madonna and her female dancers for the MDNA World Tour. She has directed and choreographed in Lincoln Center in NYC, for the NBA, at the World's Fair, and for the Junior Olympic Games.

Leesa has also directed music videos for NBC and the Oxygen Network, and has produced music videos for and industrials released by Sony. She has appeared in the Oxygen docu-series 'The Next Big Thing' as a successful career consultant.

Csolak has played a crucial role in improving and designing programs for major competitive dance & talent organizations at the World and National levels.

She is a sought-after speaker at events and conventions across the United States and has been featured in many publications including Dance Magazine, Dance Media, Authority Magazine, Devine Magazine and SoundHub to name a few. She is known for her Podcast, Makin' It Happen: A Career in the Performing Arts with Leesa Csolak streaming on all platforms and on YouTube.

Kurt Thomas Csolak

The Complete Online Course

Her all-inclusive Online Courses have gained national attention and acclaim among casting directors, agents and managers on both coasts.

Csolak’s Online Courses;

  • Offer information no one else will share.

  • Teach you how the industry works from the inside out.

  • Gives you all the tools to execute now and get started today.

For the past 30 years, she has helped countless clients and students jumpstart their careers by providing them with clear instructions and insider information, introducing them to the best training and mentors in the industry, giving them opportunities to enhance their resumes, and ultimately getting them signed with professional representation.

The Book

She has a book pending publication teaching the ins and outs of the industry and offering personal anecdotal stories of her experiences and of parents just like you who began this journey and successfully navigated it with their children. You will laugh and cry with them as they share these intimate stories while learning from their triumphs and their mistakes. Pre-order the book and be one of the first to own a copy.

How Do You Get A Talent Agent?

Leesa's passion for helping dancers, singers, and actors excel and reach their full potential is fueled by an innate need to give every talented artist a chance....to give them a better understanding of how to make things happen for themselves so they can ‘make it’ in this industry.

Leesa shares the details of how to get started, how to get professional representation, how to get in the room, in front of the right people…what to do now, today, tomorrow, and how to navigate this elusive industry successfully.

How Do You Get A Talent Agent?
This is my passion. This is my goal

This is my passion.

"I have been where you are.

Not knowing where to turn...with a child or children who everywhere they go or perform, people you don’t even know come up to you insisting your child should be…on Broadway, on Television, and more.

I was successful in my endeavor to give them every chance and opportunity. My children and many clients have found success. And you can, too”

~ Leesa Csolak

“Want to hear more about Leesa's family's personal journey to

success and how you can implement their methods with similar results?”

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