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Professional Biz 201; Young Adults, College Students & Grads

My Online Course

Professional Biz 201: Young Adults, College Students & Grads

My COMPLETE ONLINE COURSE teaches every aspect of the performance industry for students presently in school or having graduated university performing arts programs for Musical Theatre, Acting, Dance, and Voice.

My course teaches how to:
1. Submit yourself for work on Broadway, TV & Film, Commercial Work, Voice Over and Print.
2. Build your resume with line items palatable to Managers & Agents
3. Filter into the right networks of people to land where you’re supposed to land.
4. Obtain professional representation right for you; Gain a Manager or Agent

Included is information no one else will share including information how to navigate the industry successfully.

I speak from over 40 years of experience successfully navigating the business for her three boys, guiding 100’s of clients to success as well as personally working in producing, casting, directing, and management.

Downloadable materials accompany the Complete Online Course for your convenience and reference.

The Online Course

7 Steps to launch your College Students & Grad’s professional performance career!

Professional Biz 201; Young Adults, College Students & Grads Options:


Complete the College Students & Grads Level 1 and easily get things started with these

  • ^Headshots
  • ^Resumes
  • ^Self Tapes
  • ^Voice Over
  • ^Reels
  • ^Cover Letters
  • ^The Interview
Need personal attention and help with any step of the way?
Our personal Concierges can help.

I want to meet you!

I look forward to learning more about your talented child, their talents, background, and their dreams.
This journey has to begin with a child who has innate talent, has the passion, the drive and the strong desire to participate.
You can safely and effectively give them opportunities beyond the average.

  • ^What do you want?
  • ^I always ask new clients, what is it that you want? It is important to think about this.
  • ^In a perfect world, what do you want? Broadway, Stage, Film, TV, Commercials, Print Work, Modeling.

A plan must be determined and put into play. And as you execute the plan, if you come to a fork in the road, you need to have enough understanding of this industry to make the right decisions along the way.

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